I was diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) in Jan 17 which is early stage breast cancer in my left breast and advised by my breast care team to have a mastectomy. The initial mammogram found nothing, and an ultrasound also found nothing so an exploratory surgery was preformed initially to remove a blocked duct but after a biopsy they found I had DCIS, which an MRI confirmed. 

I was in total shock ! My world was instantly turned upside down. My sister had a documentary series called The Truth about Cancer and asked me to watch it, so i watched the first two episodes where I discovered in the 2nd episode a female doctor had cured herself naturally of DCIS. She mentioned a 7 step program to healing which started with Thermography so I decided to get a Thermogram and found Gretta Cullen, at Thermography Clinic Ireland. l had both a Breast and Cranial scan which said I was at risk and to be monitored and uncovered a hormonal imbalance, also highlighting some dental areas that needed to be checked.  

So this started me off on my healing journey which included removing my amalgam fillings, completely changing my diet, cutting out all chemical cosmetics, reducing stress and dealing with toxic emotions, going on true food supplements and herbs and juicing green raw veg. 

Six months later my latest Thermogram scan has shown a huge improvement and I'm now LOW risk and within the normal range. Through sheer determination and sacrifice, and the love and support of my family and the guidance of two amazing natural doctors, one being Gretta, I've reversed my DCIS and most importantly I've saved my breast and am living a happy and healthy life.

Celine Aged 43 Ireland.




I attended Gretta Cullen for assistance with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and she treated the whole endocrine system. l was offered testing of adrenal gland function together with full functional analysis of recent blood work and also thyroid fully investigated including antibody screening reverse T3 free T4 and T3 ferritin, Vit D level, B 12. All the imbalances were identified & corrected. Gretta explained that no one gland works in isolation so to comprehensively treat PCOS it is important to treat the person as a whole and identify their individual imbalances. I hadn't attended my endocrinologist in over 3 years until just recently and he was extremely happy with my blood test results overall.  Needless to say I'm very happy with the treatment I've received and would have no hesitation recommending Gretta and indeed Thermography Clinic lreland to anyone.

Yvonne K



I attended Thermography Clinic Ireland recently.  My history is, my sibling passed away a year ago from an aggressive form of Breast Cancer. I am aware that I have to be checked regularly because of this.  I've attended hospital for a few mammograms, one of which came back with a query.  I'm happy to say that my results from Thermography showed me that I'm at a normal range at the moment.  This procedure was non- invasive and I felt very comfortable with it.  Results were back as quick as a mammogram would be, and there was no radiation involved. l will definitely  include Thermography in my yearly assessment of my breast health.

Susan R