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Addressing The Root Cause
Getting to the "ROOT CAUSES" of ill health and restoring health and vitality is my  goal.  All disease starts with mineral dysregulation which result in changes in enzyme pathways and hormone quality and function. The relation with copper/iron has a profound effect on the calcium magnesium...Read On >
Dutch Complete Hormone Test now available.
Dutch Hormone Testing There are two main ways to measure the diurnal rhythm of the adrenal hormone cortisol, the traditional way is with a saliva hormone test and there is now a more comprehensive test called the DUTCH hormone test.       The saliva test measures...Read On >
10 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally
    10 Ways to Balance Hormones Naturally Hormones – such as estrogen, testosterone, adrenaline and insulin – are extremely important chemical messengers that affect many aspect s of your overall health.  Hormones are secreted by various glands and organs including your...Read On >
Differences between Thermography and Mammography
  What is Thermography and what are the differences between a Mammogram and Thermogram?      Infrared Breast Thermography is an imaging of the temperatures on the surface of the breast and is a risk assessment tool.     It does not replace Ultrasound, Mammography...Read On >
Thyroid ConnectionThyroid Connection
Have you ever visited a seaside resort and noticed that within just a few hours you feel great? You feel full of energy and vigor and your feelings of lethargy, problem skin, etc. disappear after only a few days - even your sex drive is rejuvenated. The reason could be as simple as the presence...Read On >
Adrenal Fatigue – Crash and Burn
Have you recently experienced major stress in your life such as a death, divorce, or business failure? Do you feel that you have just not been the same since? This stress may have led to Adrenal Fatigue causing many problems including extreme fatigue and weakness.Do you find it difficult to get...Read On >
Fibrocystic Breast Disease
As a clinical breast thermographer I see more and more fibrocystic breast cases than any other abnormality of the breast. Cysts are likely to develop in women ages 30 to 50; however, the youngest patient that I've evaluated was a 12-year-old with multiple cysts in her breasts. In fact, I am seeing...Read On >
Young Women and Breast Cancer
Younger women generally do not consider themselves to be at risk for breast cancer. Statistics however show that breast cancer is the most common cause of death in women aged 35-54 and the incidence continues to rise. About a quarter of all breast cancers diagnosed this year will be diagnosed in...Read On >
Thermography and Dental Pathology
For years, a debate has brewed between those, who are proponents of root canals, and those, who see root canals as a potential health threat. Current convention is to save a tooth at any cost. It does not, however, consider the logic of leaving a dead, filled tooth inside the body. If this...Read On >
Can Breast Thermography Replace Mammography?
Many have struggled with this subject and it appears to be very common to hear the same questions over and over again: “Is thermography better than mammography?”, “Does it replace mammography?”, “If I have a thermogram do I need a mammogram?” I have seen promotional material in print...Read On >
Ten Ways to Help Prevent Breast CancerTen Ways to Help Prevent Breast Cancer
Alexander Mostovoy, HD, DHMS, BCCT1. Avoid (HRT) Hormone Replacement Therapy Synthetic HRT increases the risk of Breast Cancer. In 2002, a huge double blind placebo study called “Women's Health Initiative” sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) was stopped early because it was...Read On >